February 20, 2017

How I clean my Gixxer chain and lubricate it

Every city bike is recommended to undergo a chain lubrication during each 500 KMs. This ain’t rocket science and can be done at home with ease. All you need to have is a bottle of chain lubricant and a chain cleaner. For the cleaning purpose you can user Diesel or Kerosene. Other recommendations are as follows.

Here is a simple video showing how I clean my motorcycle chain and lubricate it.

This video depicts how to clean your bike chain and apply lubricant. It highly recommended to do lubing for every 500 kms you run. The lubrication procedure is
universal for almost all bikes such as Gixxer, Pulsar, CBR, FZ, Royal Enfield, etc. Some bikes may have a casing above the chain, you have to unscrew it manually before following this tutorial.

Required items: Kerosene or diesel (I used kerosene in demo), a brush, chain lubricant, a dry cloth (used cotton cloth is recommended)

Chain lubricant recommendations:

1.3M Chain Lubricant

2.Motul 102981 C2 Chain Lube for Bikes

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