March 6, 2017

Exploring the unexplored : Modakkuzhi mala

Hey fellow voyagers,

Today I am going to start writing about the places which I believe is falling under the category of unexplored places. I am planning to write this like a series covering one place in a post tagged under Exploring the unexplored.

Let me try to briefly describe the word unexplored in this context with these bullet points.
  • Places that are not known to everyone (may be private assets of the locals 😛 )
  • Places that aren't dumped with wastes
  • Places that are free from crowd
I always fond of such places due to several reasons. I consider myself as an introvert. I love spending time alone; I walk, sit or lay and make random thoughts which never reaches anywhere. Though it gives
me inner pleasure,peace. These places adds to it. After all, thinking about the virgin destination always made my rides a thrilling experience 😋. 

So, in the first part of the series I wanted to introduce you small hill station named Modakkuzhi mala a.k.a Modakkuzhi hill. The nearest town is Vazhakkad. There is around one KM of off-road ride to reach on top of the hill. An early morning or late evening drive would be a beautiful driving experience through these roads.

I usually ride on my bike. But this time we had few friends who doesn't own a bike and yeah, one guy was a bit out of the weather ( nope, not drunk 😋 believe me). So we decided to drive. It was a 1993 model Maruti 800. This car was bought by me and 3 other friends with equal share and the only purpose was to learn driving. So the condition of the car wasn't suitable for an off drive. But we were ready to take the risk. In fact, the out of the weather guy was more interested in pulling the legs of others into it. Anyway we took the risk and it was worth it.

On top of the hill

The top station seemed almost deserted, there weren't any homes or buildings. Some young boys were making use of the flat earth and were playing cricket. The grassy turf was pretty apt for diving catches :)

On top of the hill, there is a small Hindu temple which is lighten with a single incandescent lamp. That view on a late evening would certainly keep us to stay there until the blueish shades of moon starting to fall on us.

Temple on top of the hills
It was almost 7 when we started riding back home. Those boys wrapped up the game and were returning home with shabby clothes. It made me think of good old days we played cricket until the ball was invisible in the darkness. On the way back all of us were saying each other, we should come again here one another evening. 

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