March 18, 2017

Quick intro of Voyager's camera arsenal : SJCAM SJ5000x elite and Canon 1200D

I use to dream, it would have been so glad if someone would have asked me 'Hey Voyager, your blog and channel looks cool, what all camera gears do you use to make these kinda spectacular stuff?'. But yeah, right now I am getting around 50 views for my YouTube videos and blog posts on an average which is, oh boy! A pokerface -_- :( So its like, no body is going to ask me about this.

Anyway I am posting this right away, thinking one day a Voyager would become as popular as AdjrianNickelodeon or say The Everyday India

I use two cameras viz Canon 1200D and SJCAM SJ5000x elite. Each one has its own use.

SJ5000x elite is an action camera coming from a chinese startup named SJCAM.  (Well, at least they were a startup when I bought this camera. Their android app and website proves it.) I mount it over my bike or on my helmet while travelling.

This one can record upto 4k videos with an inbuilt gyro stabilizer to fix shaky videos. Though I don't record at 4k, mostly 1080p would suffice me. Few things that I love about this cam are as
  • Gyro image/video stabilization. It helps me to shoot videos without shake. I can disable this if in case I wish capture the bumpy effect of riding.
  • Additional battery pack: This camera comes with additional battery in the box. Single battery lasts for almost 90 minutes and during this interval I can charge the other one using my Powerbank.
  • Built in photolapse mode. 
  • Easily mountable to almost anything.
  • High Field Of View. I can record videos wide upto 170 degrees! hell yeah
Here is the unboxing video of this camera. I have explained more about the technical features there if in case you would like to have a look.

If you would like to purchase this camera you can head over to Amazon or this link :

The second one is Canon 1200D dslr, which I use only to capture pictures. The action camera will be ON most of the time, but this one I usually keep in the bag and take out only when necessary.

Well, this is a base mode DSLR from canon. I have got an additional 55-250 mm during purchase and what more to say it almost satisfy my needs for now. I have plans upgrading the body but money matters :P If someone is interested in donating something its always welcome I won't hesitate to share the PayPal detail ahem ahem.

I am not detailing the technical description of this camera as its much boring and pointless. Here is a test timelapse that I have captured with this camera.

If you wish to purchase this camera head over to Amazon or click here:

So thats it for now. Keep visiting, I would like to do some mods on my bike in near future. Will be glad to share the same with you. :)

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